The following videos include personal accounts of FGM that can be used for community events or FGM awareness raising activities.

Leila’s story: The cruel cut
Leyla Hussein, a Somali-British activist, writer, and licensed psychotherapist, tells her FGM story and why she founded The Dahlia Project, the UK’s first therapy service FGM survivors.
The Girl that said No to FGM

Follow the journey of Jaha Dukureh from survivor of FGM and forced child marriage to Time’s 100 leader and FGM activist. Confronting her past, her family, her culture, her religion, country and its leaders, Jaha became a lightning-rod for change in Gambia, her work​ contributing​ to the eventual government ban on FGM and child marriage.

Born a girl in the wrong place – Khadija Gbla, TEDxCanberra
Khadija Gbla who was circumcised as a young girl, discusses her experience with FGM, the consequences of it that she lives with everyday and why she is determined that this form of abuse against young girls will end, and she wants to end it in her lifetime.
WHO Director-General Dr Tedros statement on Female Genital Mutilation
World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros presents a statement on FGM.
FGM is…
Plan International have interviewed health workers and women in multiple countries who experienced FGM; they describe the practise, explain the tradition, how it effects marriage in their society, the lack of choice, and explain some of the myths surrounding FGM.
Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
This video examines the practice of FGM/C, explaining what happens, harmful results, and recognising that globally FGM/C should be stopped; it describes strategies employed by UNFPA and UNICEF that encourage people within communities to abandon FGM/C practice.
End cutting girls
The end cutting girls Youtube channel is a UNICEF supported channel with updated information on FGM in Nigeria and information on campaigns to stop the practice.
FGM in Sierra Leone: Isatu’s Story
Isatu shares her own experience with FGM and the complications with childbirth later in life.
How I survived FGM
Soraya from Somalia speaks of her FGM experience along with information on what FGM is, the complications, risks, myths and social pressures.
Hoda Ali Shares her experience of FGM
A nurse from Somalia who now works in the UK talks about her experience with FGM, the tradition, complications, pressures and progress towards ending the practice
First-hand Accounts of Khatna, A Practice of Female Circumcision
Three women recount the day they had their khatna, a mandatory practice of circumcision in the Dawoodi Bohra community.