Resources for Health Professionals
Here are some helpful resources for health professionals working with communities affected by FGM in New Zealand/Aotearoa. They include child protection guiding principles for suspected or imminent FGM in New Zealand; resources on FGM and the NZ law; and links to background information on FGM.
Female Genital Mutilation Clinical Care
Antenatal, Labour & Birth and Postnatal Guidelines

Detailed antenatal, labour & birth and postnatal clinical care guidelines for health professionals in Aotearoa caring for women with FGM.

FGM Clinical Care Deinfibulation Guidelines
Six-page resource including recommended clinical guidelines (with illustrations) for deinfibulation referral and assessment, deinfibulation surgery/procedure and post deinfibulation care.
FGM in New Zealand: Pamphlet for Health Professionals
FGM information for health professionals including the WHO FGM categories, the short and long term impacts of FGM, background to the practice and FGM in NZ.

FGM and the NZ Law

Information on FGM and the New Zealand law for child protection and health professionals working with communities affected by FGM including the WHO FGM categories, impacts of FGM, and detailed information on FGM legislation in New Zealand.

FGM in NZ: Understanding and Responding Handbook
A 100-page handbook for health and child protection professionals working with women affected by FGM with detailed information on: the background to FGM, short-term and long-term complications, sexual and reproductive health issues, clinical care, deinfibulation, FGM in New Zealand and FGM child protection and prevention strategies.
Countering Myths about FGM – Jasmine Abducadir
Dr. Jasmine Abdulcadir opened the first outpatient clinic for women and girls who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Geneva. Dr. Jasmine Abdulcadir’s first objective is to debunk myths, taboos and misconceptions around female sexuality, which can empower women in making informed decisions.
FGM in NZ Resource Kit
A comprehensive FGM resource kit for health and child protection professionals including FGM illustration sheets, FGM prevalence chart, FGM health professional handbook, FGM guidelines, pamphlets and related resources.


W.H.O. guidelines on the management of health complications from FGM

Guidelines for health-care professionals caring for girls and women affected by FGM. The manual also includes guidance for developing national and local health-care policies and designing in-service professional training curricula in the areas of medicine, nursing, midwifery and public health.

W.H.O. care of girls and women living with FGM

A comprehensive 2018 W.H.O. manual on caring for girls and women with FGM. The manual includes updated information on understanding FGM; the obstetric, sexual, mental and reproductive health complications; clinical care pathways; deinfibulation and other related issues. An excellent manual for health professionals.