Here are a wide range of books we recommend that explore FGM from different perspectives. They include personal accounts, medical responses, cultural and ethical insights, social perspectives and intervention measures.   


Eradicating FGM

By Hilary Burrage

This UK book discusses the cultural belief systems behind FGM, current pathways to eradication and the call for a cross agency multi-disciplinary prevention framework. It is aimed at researchers, policy-makers and health, legal, educational and social services professionals.

Female Genital Mutilation

By Comfort Momoh

This book is aimed at assisting professionals who care for women and girls who have experienced or are at risk of FGM.

Female Mutilation: The Truth Behind the Horrifying Global Practice of Female Genital Mutilation

By Hilary Burrage

This book includes the stories of women affected by FGM and their determination to end the practice.

CUT: One woman’s fight against FGM in Britain today

By Hibo Wardere

This is the story of Hibo Warderewa’s childhood in Somalia, her experience of FGM, journey to London and current work as an anti-FGM campaigner.

Undoing FGM: Pierre Foldes, The Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris

By Hubert Prolongeau

This book documents the work of French doctor Pierre Foldes, one of Europe’s leading clitoral reconstruction surgeons.

Female Genital Mutilation in Africa

By Daneil Njoroge Karanja

Written by Daniel Njoroge Karanja, this book addresses FGM in Africa and provides guidance surrounding gender, religion, and care.

Female Genital Mutilation – Reasons, Practice, Effects

By Akintayo Odeyemi

This book examines the reasons behind FGM and its effect on families and women. It provides insights into why many societies are finding it difficult to eradicate FGM , with insightful findings and recommendations.

The Scourge of Female Genital Mutilation

By Ibrahima Traore

This is an autobiographical essay by Ibrahima Traoré, about the resolute fight against FGM in Mali and the struggle for a total ban of the practice through parliament, led by Mrs Keita Joséphine Traore, a key figure for the issue in West Africa.

Empathy & Rage: Female Genital Mutilation in Creative Writing

By Tobe Levin and Augustine H. Asaah

This book provides creating writing excerpts on the lived experiences of FGM from writers in Africa and the Diaspora.

Taboo. Voices of Women in Uganda on Female Genital Mutilation

By Violet Barungi and Hilda Twongyeirwe

This is a collection of oral histories, short stories, testimonies and poems about the lived experiences of FGM from women and young girls in Uganda and around the world.

Kiminta – A Maasai’s Fight against Female Genital Mutilation

By Maria Kiminta and Tobe Levin

The story of a Maasai women who now lives in Germany and is an anti FGM activist. Kiminta takes a human rights position, arguing for government and international conventions to stop FGM. The book includes source material, making it suitable for classroom use.

Female Genital Mutilation: Legal, Cultural and Medical Issues 1st Edition

By Rosemarie Skaine

This book explores the beliefs behind FGM, international FGM laws, legal and ethical issues, cultural, rights and religion.

FGM – A Practitioner’s Guide to Treating Female Genital Mutilation

By Dr. Farah Nadeem

Psychologist Dr Nadeem discusses strategies for working women affected by FGM.

Female Genital Mutilation around The World: Analysis of Medical Aspects, Law and Practice

By Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala and Paul Nzinga Komba

This book examines the prevalence, trends, and geographic variation of FGM. It also addresses underlying legal and policy aspects and medical consequences. It is intended for medical professionals, national and international lawyers, academics and public health policymakers.

Female Genital Mutilation & Cutting in Europe

By Johanna Kostenzer

This book provides a thorough review of the underlying reasons for FGM’s continuation and includes recommended global and European intervention measures.